Administration, Integration and Customization of Engineering & Design Tools such as Aveva & Hexagon

Administration of Engineering & Design Tools (e.g., Aveva & Hexagon):


The overall management, configuration, and optimization of engineering and design tools to ensure their efficient and effective use within an organization.

Key Responsibilities:

  • User management: Creating, modifying, and removing user accounts.
  • License management: Allocating and tracking software licenses.
  • System configuration: Adjusting settings to align with organizational needs.
  • Security administration: Implementing and maintaining access controls.
  • Updates and maintenance: Ensuring tools are up-to-date and functioning optimally.


  • Streamlining tool usage, enhancing security, and maximizing performance.
  • Integration of Engineering & Design Tools (e.g., Aveva & Hexagon):


Integration involves connecting and aligning different engineering and design tools to enable seamless data flow and collaboration between them.

Key Aspects:

  • Data interoperability: Ensuring compatibility and smooth transfer of data between tools.
  • Workflow integration: Linking various tools to create an integrated design and engineering workflow.
  • System connectivity: Establishing communication channels between different software systems.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Enabling collaboration between tools on different platforms.


  • Enhancing collaboration, reducing data silos, and improving overall workflow efficiency.

Customization of Engineering & Design Tools (e.g., Aveva & Hexagon):


Customization involves tailoring engineering and design tools to meet specific organizational requirements, addressing unique workflows and preferences.

Key Activities:

  • Interface customization: Adapting the user interface for ease of use.
  • Workflow customization: Modifying tool workflows to align with specific project needs.
  • Template and standard creation: Developing standardized design templates.
  • Automation scripting: Writing scripts to automate repetitive tasks.


  • Aligning tools with organizational processes, enhancing user experience, and improving overall productivity.
  • MONA Tailoring for both Hexagon & Aveva’s user interface, automating specific design processes, and creating standardized templates.

In summary, administration ensures the smooth operation of the tools, integration facilitates collaboration between different tools, and customization tailors the tools to specific organizational needs in the context of engineering and design.


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